Hydro Mainnet Launch Details

Hydro Protocol
5 min readJan 5, 2024

(How to make $$ from Hydro’s Launch Sequence)

Happy New Year! 2024 has started, and that means that we are closer to the Hydro Protocol Mainnet Launch than ever before!! We want to share with our community the excitement and planned details, so below we have outlined a launch sequence of our upcoming MAINNET LAUNCH and various AIRDROPS. This is a blueprint of how you can ready your INJ for an Early Access Boost, and get more involved with Hydro! (i.e how to optimize your wallet $$$)

Here’s your first step to building the LSDFi Ecosystem on Injective!

Launch Details

The Launch Date has been set to 31 January 2024! That’s right, we’re launching at the end of this month. Which means that your wait is now finally over. Rain or Shine, we’re working to ensure we are live by end of January! And with our launch, there are some important things we need to highlight, such as you preparing your INJ! Read on!

The Timeline:
Mainnet Launch : [31 January 2024]
Farming Feature (Phase 3 Airdrop) : [31 January 2024 ~ for 4 weeks]
MITO Finance Public Sale : [Feb 2024]
TGE : [Early March 2024]
Airdrops: (Phase 1 and 2) : [March 2024]

We recommend our community to ready their INJ at least 3 weeks prior to the launch. So, whether it is to purchase INJ on a CEX/DEX or unstaking your staked amount for optimized liquidity, make sure you have some INJ at hand!

The Details:

Mainnet Launch is locked to 31 January 2024!! Immediately at launch, we will be offering three of our core features: LSD, Auto-Compounding and of course, our Farming Feature.

For a period of only 4 weeks, we will be offering an EARLY ACCESS BOOST rewards to those eligible for the Phase 3 airdrop. Again, a friendly reminder that in order to participate, you’ll need to ready and prepare your INJ to stake onto Hydro! This is a limited time offer for those 4 weeks only, so make sure you have your INJ ready to maximize your rewards for the boost until TGE. More details on the Phase 3 section below.

This is an opportunity you don’t want to miss. The Early Access Farming event is going to amplify your rewards, and it’s on a time and amount basis, which means the earlier you get in, the more rewards you take home, the more you put in, the more rewards you take home as well.

To participate, you’ll need to prepare your INJ, and even have to consider the unstaking period to prepare your INJ for LSD minting. Don’t worry, we will provide sufficient notice for those who need to execute this.

So after the 4 weeks of Early Access Farming, you should expect a public token sale with Mito Finance and then TGE to follow shortly after the subscription period.

To get you more involved, here’s a brief overview of the 3 Airdrops that are planned!

There are 3 Phases of Airdrops: Testnet, INJ Stakers and Early Access Farming. The Early Access Farming will start at launch, so make sure you participate to get the additional BOOST.

Phase 1 : TESTNET Airdrop

For all those who participated in the testnet campaigns back in the Fall of 2023 are eligible to receive this airdrop. The snapshot has been taken according to the end of the campaign and on the leaderboard for those who have participated during the campaign period. You were the first engagement we had as a community. Thank you!

The airdrop amount will be determined by the leaderboard that was completed in Fall of 2023.

Phase 2: INJ Stakers on Injective Validators

Hydro is excited to be part of an amazing community in the Injective Ecosystem. As a celebration for our launch, we will also be providing an airdrop for anyone who has any amount of INJ staked onto an active validator within the Injective Ecosystem!

The snapshot for eligible wallets was taken on: 2024 January 04 @ 14:11:45 UTC, at block height 56,403,600

The entitlement factors for this airdrop is based on the duration and amount that was staked. These will be calculated and set into a tiered table for distribution. There is a max cap that is set for eligible airdrop amounts. Any unused residue from this airdrop’s max cap will be added to the farming airdrop in Phase 3.


Hydro Protocol is excited to announce another feature that ANYONE can participate in, and it’ll be the biggest “drop” yet. We’re naming it the Early Access Farm, and it’s opened to all!

The Early Access Farming (EAF) is an early-access incentive for users who stake their INJ with Hydro once launched. We have re-allocated a significant amount of our tokens to help boost this feature. EAF boost will last for only 4 weeks!

With the EAF Boost feature, the earlier you get in, the greater the rewards! The more you stake, the greater the rewards! So make sure you have your INJ ready for the HDRO rush.

To be eligible, you just stake your INJ and mint your hINJ with Hydro, and you’ll be set. Too easy to be true? Yes… it is.

After the four weeks and after TGE, the EAF will continue just as a Farming Feature. Although the boosted airdrops will cease, the farm will continue to give you extra rewards for a few months after TGE.


The title says it all. The final stage is the genesis event of the HDRO token.

As indicated before, the HDRO token will launch on Injective’s Mito Finance launchpad. More details on the sale and TGE will be provided at a later time.

The TGE is when you can get your hands on the HDRO token on the market, but why wait until then when you can get them for a small task from the farm?


That’s it, Hydro Ninjas! As we gear up for the launch here’s what you need to prepare:

  • See your eligibility for the Airdrops
  • Prepare your INJ for the EAF

We thank our community, and reamine committed to serving you all. Let’s get going, and blow it out of the water (pun totally intended). Hydro ninjas, unite!